How does Mav's Salesforce Integration Work?

Connect your Salesforce to sync objects with Mav. Additionally, sync Mav statuses with your Salesforce objects.

How does it work?

Mav's Salesforce integration enables a "Mav Playbook" dropdown field in your selected object.. This allows you to manually select when you want to run a Mav Playbook or use native Salesforce Process Builder or Flow Builder to build custom logic around when and if a Mav playbook should run. 

The "Mav Playbook" also includes an option to stop all running playbooks. Here is an example of what the dropdown looks like:


To setup Mav's Salesforce Integration follow the below steps:

1. Head over to the integrations section inside the Mav platform.

2. Once you're inside, click the configure button on the Salesforce integration.

3. Select if you are using a sandbox or production Salesforce instance and allow access to the Mav app.

4. Once you've added the Mav app to your Salesforce, head over to configuration and turn on available workflows.


Available workflows:

  • Sync Salesforce Object with Mav Leads - This will enable the "Mav Playbook" dropdown on your selected Salesforce Object. Once a playbook is selected, Mav will start and run a playbook on that lead. This also enables the "stop playbooks" option which will stop all active playbooks.

  • Sync Outcome Statuses - This workflow will allow you to sync Mav outcome statuses  (Party Line Completed, Unqualified, Opted out, Not Interested) with a status field on your selected object.

  • Sync Event Statuses - This workflow will allow you to sync Mav event statuses  (Working, Engaged, and Qualified) with a status field on your selected object.